Few Tips to Keep Your Acer Laptop Motherboard Safe

Acer is known for its ace in the PC world. The company has gathered a huge crowd to back with their loyalty and those fans aren’t going anywhere. In return of this loyalty, the company is offering quality and great efficiency. Though the company is doing as much they can in the stipulated amount.

How to fix the Start-Up issue on Acer laptop?

Using the Safe Mode and System Restore option start-up issues can be fixed on any laptop, but if you are using ACER Aspire One and your system isn’t even loading the boot screen then the reason behind the encountered problem is related to BIOS. There are two models, Acer Aspire One 110 and 150 that can have this problem that prevents the system from booting.

Common Issues in Acer Laptop

  • Bluetooth connectivity is not there
  • Unable to display on the external monitor
  • Laptop doesn’t turn on
  • No charging of battery.
  • Lights of num lock indicator.
  • Pace of the laptop diminishes.
  • Can’t find the wireless connectivity.
  • Abrupt shutting down of laptop.
  • Keypad not functioning properly.